Roebuck for Buyers

Roebuck – Helping you to reduce your annual purchasing costs.

The need to achieve annual cost down targets is now a reality of life for most Purchasing departments. This has been made doubly challenging in recent years by significant increases in direct costs including raw materials and energy. This has placed an even greater focus on reducing indirect costs of which the many tools used in both manufacturing and by maintenance teams throughout industry are a key element.

Switching to Roebuck offers you the opportunity to reduce your annual spend on these products without compromising on quality. The Roebuck range has been developed specifically for industrial users. This means that you are only paying for the product itself, unlike many other branded alternatives which are also actively marketed through retail channels. The requirements of the retail sector create significant additional costs in terms of packaging, merchandising and marketing and ultimately these are all passed on to the customer in the final price of the product. Because Roebuck products are designed purely for industrial users we are able to engineer out the majority of these extra costs and offer Roebuck users a range of tools that offer real value for money.

This means you can safely switch from more expensive branded products to Roebuck alternatives without compromising on quality or performance. For some of our customers switching to Roebuck has enabled them to save tens of thousands of euros in reduced spend on tools.

To find out exactly how much you could save simply contact your local Brammer branch and ask for a Roebuck cost-down survey. The branch will ask you to provide details of the tools that you are currently buying. This needs to include the unit cost of each item and the annual volume that you buy. They will then cross-reference your purchases to a direct Roebuck equivalent and calculate the cost-savings you could achieve by switching your spend to Roebuck products.

It really is that simple. Switching to Roebuck means that you can reduce your overall purchasing costs but without compromising on quality or performance.  Contact your local Brammer branch today!