Roebuck for Innovation

Roebuck – Tools with unique features and benefits

Roebuck tools aren’t simply an exclusive industry alternative to other more expensive brands. A number of Roebuck tools feature genuinely unique features and benefits not available from any other manufacturer. Products like the incredible Roebuck Uniwrench.


With a worldwide patent the Uniwrench metric combination spanner set is probably the most versatile spanner set you can buy. It’s the perfect tool for all Maintenance Engineers.

The open end features a unique Non Slip design which allows you to safely remove damaged fasteners including up to 70% rounded off bolts and nuts.

The spherical box end can cope with a huge variety of fastener types including: Spline, 12-point, Square, Star, 6-point, and even 6-point up to 50% rounded off.

Available as an 11 piece metric set, a 10 piece A/F set and a wide range of individual metric sizes it really is the world’s most versatile wrench!

And if you like the Uniwrench you’ll love the ‘Unisocket’ our 34 piece metric socket set which uses the same patented Uniwrench technology but in a socket format. The Unisocket set is available as either a ½ inch or 3/8 inch drive.

To try out either the Uniwrench or the Unisocket for yourself, simply contact your local Brammer branch. They’ll be happy to arrange a trial.